We build and interactive wall for the Canberra Centre. The wall is divided in 11 scene where the players have to interact to progress the story of Emily and Jacob. The art work boast a massive 300dpi print over a size of 12x3,5 meters.

Interaction points use various components such as switches, buttons and conductive materials. These components are connected to an array of Arduino boards that when touched send trigger signals to a centralised brain.

The program then triggers one of the 9 connected projectors to beam a specific animation onto the interaction point. My role here was to create a scale prototype of the wall and develop the needed algorithms on the Arduino boards that would control the different types of triggers and send the midi signal towards the main brain.

  • Category: Art work
  • Client: QIC Canberra Centre
  • Delivered: 2016 March
  • Role: Soft. Engineer