Transhumance - Routes of a disappearing life is a docu about a nomadic herder family who follows the ancient tradition of the Transhumance - a sustainable form of animal farming that not only keeps the animals in appropriate conditions but is also crucial for the environment. Yet, trapped in a system of misguided politics and unjust economics, the herders are not only fighting for a life in balance with nature, but their own survival.

For weeks we lived with the herders out in the fields with limited shelter, while they were leading their 3,200 animals by foot and on horse across the country and learned about what living with nature really means.

As a co-producer I helped with logistics, finding new oportunities to add value into the story, reach the right people. Help Tina to coordintate the shooting and set up logistics.

  • Category: Documentary
  • Client: --
  • Delivered: 2020 February
  • Role: Co-Producer