Campaign BoosterTribal World Wide

We detected different weak points in the Dynamic Data Driven (DDC) banners generation and localitzation process applied with our clients. Hence, the challenge was to improve the localization process and change the banner central generation paradigm to a market centric one. Not only improving the localitzation and content generation time, but improving the DDC campaigns performance and creative adoption.

Campaign Booster is a tool that allows you to simplify your day to day production banners and digital media, so you can focus on what really generates value for your brand.

Campaign Booster is a technological platform to automate the production of creative pieces.
It generates programmatic dynamic campaigns and standard campaigns both on and off, in a simple and scalable way without dependence on specialized technical teams.

After 6 months of using the tool C14 markets have estimate a reduction in banners campaigns production costs by 3 times.

The tool keeps evolving and growing in functionalities and reliability. Find more at Cmapaign Bosster on our Website: click here

  • Category: Digital media
  • Client: Tribal World Wide
  • Delivered: 2018 November
  • Role: Product founder / Head of Innovation