ColacaoIoT Dispenser

Colacao has many gaps regarding consumption habits, frequency, motivations, that if we knew how to clear them the company would has a much deeper knowledge of the relationship between the product and the consumer. As well, ColaCao needs to increase the moments of consumption. They can increas them by conquering new consumers or by making those they already has, consume more.

The Dispenser 2.0 allows them to establish a direct and personalized relationship with a good panel of clients. It is a tool that opens up enormous possibilities to better understand consumer behavior, offer solutions to its customers and generate emotional links with the brand through a totally new consumption experience.

The dispenser is equiped with a range of sensors to capture the context of each consumption of Colacao. The device will be connected to the cloud via Wifi. Hence, It can be tapping into different APIs like weather to enrich what the in-device sensors are already sniffing. These sensors are milk temperature, number of doses, humidity in the room, temperature of the room, Colacao left in the dispenser, if there is or no a mug on the dispenser.

All this data is send into the cloud to feed the Calacao Dashboard to be analysed and get consumer habits insights, and to feed the consumer app to provied different offers, points, etc...

  • Category: Innovation + Data + IoT
  • Client: Colacao
  • Delivered: 2018 September
  • Role: Hw & Sw. Engineer