SEAT Beats - Torre GloriesSEAT

SEAT used his sponsorship with PRIMAVERA SOUND to present the colaboration between SEAT and the brand BEATS from Dr. Dre, creating a new action model for their Ibiza and Arona models.

In order to maximaize the impact we used one of the most iconic buildings in Barcelona, the 3 tallest building call Torre Glories to create an interactiva installation that would allow the citizens to generate music, expireience the new SEAT Beats model speakers and become a VJ of one of the biggest and coolest screens of Barcelona at the same time.

To bring this great piece we put together Merlin properties, owner of Torre Glories, Protopixel a Spanish company experts on LED controllers and TigerLab, gieniuses of generative motion graphics and music.

Thanks to Protopixel technology Torre Glories became for the very first time interactive and allowed us to control the lights in realtime. With TigreLabs we develop a tablet app that would help the user to generate music and graphics. The experience was remarkable and the outocme could be seen from every corner of the city.

3D demo of the light show and interaction generative music: click here

See more about the project: click here

  • Category: Innovation
  • Client: SEAT
  • Delivered: 2018 June
  • Role: Creative Technologist