Sonar +D ReikiavikPersonal Project

We hosted a series of Workshops, installations and playful spaces during the Sonar +D Reykjavik. Public and visitors alike were invited to create custom instruments with arduino, build expressive LED installations and learn the basics of VJing.

I co-created and facilitated a workshop to design and build your own custom controller using an Arduino micro-computer and a wide array of tactile inputs and sensors. Customize the controller to do whatever you please - be it with music, lights or video - and integrate it with your existing audio/visual setup through MIDI. All modules created during the workshop will be linked up afterwards to create a super-controller interfacing with the lights of Harpa.:

Special attention to the massive modular midi installation to control the lights of Harpa moderated via an AI.

In the next video you can see briefly the amazing weekend that we had colaborating with Sónar Reykjavik with the aim to spark a fire of creativity at the intersection of art and technology.

Find more about the MIDI controller here at Sonar website

Find more about the workshop here at Sonar website

  • Category: Art, Creative Tech.
  • Client: --
  • Delivered: 2018 February
  • Role: Creative Engineer