PlantMaid Paul Immelman

Take the hassle out of watering your plants. PlantMaid is your automatic plant watering system, so easy to use, just select your type of plant and sit back and relax.

PlantMaid runs off batteries and is totally portable, perfect for indoor plants. Using the built in water pump and soil sensor the PlantMaid will automatically water your plants. Just insert the water pipe into external reservoir – you can use any water reservoir from an old soda bottle to a fancy vase. When the water reservoir is empty PlantMaid will automatically beep to alert you.

Check how Paul grows tomatos at his balcony: click here

It all started with Paul having a this idea about creating a watering plant system that adjusted to his needs. He could find any in the market that suited his needs and he felt the urge of exploring the product design world. So he desided to start this adventure. Paul approached to me to help him to start and set the foundation of the project and to guide him through it.

While I was in Autralia we started developing the first prototype on a bread board and from there Paul kept developing and refining it.

Find more at PlantMaid Website: click here

  • Category: Product design
  • Client: Paul Immelman
  • Delivered: From 2016 on
  • Role: Hw & Sw Consultant