One of our tasks being members of Spark Internship at M&C SAATCHI was to come with proactive projects.

In order to explore and learn about wireless technologies we created this smart distress ball that can capture when it is squished, monitoring how long it has been squished, how many times, preasure, etc.. sending these information into the cloud.

Equiped with a Bluetooth LOW Energy chip and with a Raspberry Pi on the base with a 3G dongle the ball communicates with the base and this last one send the information to an application sitting in the Cloud. It has an Admin panel that allow us to make acctions according to the data recieved.

Everything was created in house, design and 3D printed a moulde to cast the ball with chemicals that expand creating the squishy foam. The board in the ball was design with Eagle Cad software and edged with our CNC Machine. Check the video down below to see the final result.

  • Category: Innovation
  • Client: M&C SAATCHI
  • Delivered: 2014
  • Role: Hardware Eng.