2014 Future Lions theme was RISE and the brief was connecting a brand with the theme using technology in a way that was not possible 2 years ago.

At Coca-cola they are commited to help address obesity and we belived that it connects pretty well with the theme. Thus we came up with Coca-cola Rise, the pressure sensitive bottle label that tells you when you’ve been sitting down for too long.

RISE aims to help people take a healthy stand in a world inhabited by chairs.

RISE label uses a FSR-sensor that feels when you sit on it. The BLE chip connects to the RISE App via Bluetooth as seen below. The sensor starts a 30 minute countdown when a person sits down. When the minutes have passed a notification is sent to the users phone, reminding them to stand. After 5 minutes the user gets a notification that they can sit down.The RISE software is intelligent and will pause the count if a user gets up and down for periods of time less than 5 minutes. This is to ensure that users follow physicians recommendations on sitting down.

  • Category: Application
  • Client: Future Lions
  • Delivered: 2014
  • Role: Software Eng.