We liked to show how thrilling is to drive the new Lexus RCF. In order to do so, we instead of talking about the performing metrics of the car we talked about the impact that the car would do to the driver.

Measuring driver’s heartbeat and sending it wirelessly to an Arduino we could control the different paint panels of the car showing the heart rate of the driver on the bodywork of the car.

We used Ohio-based Lumilor's paint for the basis of the project. This paint has the peculiarity that reacts to electric estimation enlightening and glowing.

This way we created the first bio-illuminating paint and build the first car with a Heartbeat.

Lexus Heartbeat car TVC

  • Category: Innovation & Art work
  • Client: Lexus
  • Delivered: 2016 March
  • Role: Creative Tech. & Hardware/Software Eng.