We liked to show how thrilling is to drive the new Lexus RCF. In order to do so, we instead of talking about the performing metrics of the car we talked about the impact that the car would do to the driver.

First we had to test which biometrics would get affected by driving a RCF car. In order to do so we created a black box that was equiped with: ECG, breath rithm sensor, Skin cunductance sensor, body temperature, a GPS and OBD-II port to record all the car metrics of the drive.

We would do 3 track days test with different types of people to collect as much data as possible and then choose bioparameter that we would like to use for our campaign.

  • Category: Innovation
  • Client: Lexus
  • Delivered: 2015 Dec
  • Role: Creative Tech. & Hardware/Software Eng.